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Eszter Apartment

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    We would like to recommend to you the Eszter Apartman, which opened in October 2014, located right next to the practice lab. In addition to the wellness use, our guests have unlimited WIFI and many other services at our well-equipped apartments (40-41m2, with kitchen, bathroom) eg full bed, baby cot, high chair! The development of the apartment continues ...






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Csaba sausage

   Csaba sausage (thick sausage from Csaba) is a spicy, paprika-type sausage made from certain ingredients, protected by designation, that is, officially produced only within the territory of Békéscsaba and Gyula. It is made strictly without black pepper. The Csaba sausage is a world-famous Hungaricum, a typical homemade product protected by the European Union geographical indication, which originates from Békéscsaba and its surroundings. It is popular both at home and abroad, which is supported by the annual Csaba sausage festival, based on this product, which attracts many visitors ...



Slovak country house

   It was established in 1972 from the museum objects of the Munkácsy Mihály Museum, as well as from the material collected in Békéscsaba and its surroundings. The building is a 19th century renovated classicist folk dwelling house. It presents the lifestyle and housing culture of a well-off Slovak peasant farmer. From housekeeping to clean room equipment, this house has everything you need to know. Valuable dated wooden furniture decorated with painted flowers .../Wikipedia/
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Munkácsy Mihály Museum

   A Munkácsy Mihály Múzeum (Békéscsaba, Széchenyi Street 9; founded in 1899) is a county museum of Békés County, founded in 1899 by the Békéscsaba Museum Association. From the outset, they have created a wide collection. Museum collections of archeology, natural history, paleontology, history, ethnography, applied arts and fine arts are constantly being collected, and more recently, a photographic library of 50 thousand photographs has been created. Mihály Munkácsy, a Hungarian painter who spent his childhood and newly married years in Békéscsaba, takes great care in the placement of the relics and pictures ...
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Shop Museum

   The Shop Museum faithfully reflects the commercial unity of the 1920s and 1930s. You can find here original shop equipment with billboards, 1900s National cash register, sample books, original inventory, ordering, credit book for customers, ham slicer, baking powder holder, coffee dispenser, sugar bowl, vinegar dispenser, petroleum spice grinder, hand popsicle grinder, bottles with 1930s labels, Ant products and much more that was a typical product of that time ...
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Csabagyöngye Cultural Center

   The Csabagyöngye Cultural Center (formerly the Békéscsaba Cultural Center) is one of the most important complex educational and cultural institutions in the county and in the South Great Plain region. Our headquarters unit - the predecessor Youth House and General Society (known as the Csaba Youth House) - was founded in 1969. As of January 1, 2010, following the institutional mergers of the city, community centers became part of the operation of the center, thus creating a single professional base for the city's major cultural ...
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