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Zirconium restorations

  Unique aesthetic, exceptional optical and physical properties are the features of zirconia. Clinical investigations show that properties-made in the last 10 years-are free from medical aftereffects. Zircon works are metal free, that is why it is suitable for patients who are sensitive to metal. It is also meets with strict implantological standards, so the gum and tissues around the prosthesis remain perfectly healthy...

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 Biocompatible dental plastics have been used since many years. Due to number of patients, who are sensitive to traditional metal prosthesis, thermoplastics have came into view. (Thermoplastics can be formed by heat.) Owing to wild range of supply and complex technology, thermoplastics have been spreaded worldwide.

 Dental Ltd. finds important to focus on two types of dental plastics, which are Valplast and Biotech. It is unusual to manufacture them which means that is a challenge for the laboratory. As a result of this, only a few laboratories use these materials. Do not hesitate to offer them to your dentist and to get in contact with our laboratory or the Dental Ltd.´s dental practices...

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