Zirconium restorations

  Unique aesthetic, exceptional optical and physical properties are the features of zirconia. Clinical investigations show that properties-made in the last 10 years-are free from medical aftereffects. Zircon works are metal free, that is why it is suitable for patients who are sensitive to metal. It is also meets with strict implantological standards, so the gum and tissues around the prosthesis remain perfectly healthy...

What is zircon?

  Zircon, that is used in dental labs, goes through a very long working progress until it became to a dental crown or bridge. During the manufacture process, the mineral zircon with firing (oxidation), became to zirconium-dioxide (ZrO2) which forms the basic of the zircon product. With the help of special components, it is possible to improve the properties of zircon. It makes possible to use zircon in health. Zircon is a perfect material to use in dentistry. It fallows that, we can make reliable, strong, excellent crowns and bridges by CAD/CAM. Dental Ltd. uses that technology which meets with the highest requirements. It means that we use Zirkonzahn materials and technology...

The benefits of zircon...

- Biocompatibility
     /Tissue, with no damage and does not cause damage to the body.../
- Aesthetic
     /Virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.../
- High strength
      /A tensile strength of 1200Mpa, will naturally close 250Mpa.../
- Chemical resistant
      /Dissolves only hydrogen fluoride, sulfuric acid.../
- Thermostable
      /No cold-warm response, fire pots used for making too.../
- Electrically insulating
      /No metallic taste in the mouth, there is no galvanic action - does not conduct electric current.../

How zircon ceramic prosthesis are made?

  After adequate preparation, dentist take the impression. With the help of the impression, dental technician make a model, which goes to the computer by using a scanner. After considering anatomical properties, dental works can be designed and scaled on the computer´s monitor. The designed model can be made from zircon by CNC (computer-controlled) milling machine, which is connected to the computer. The right colored porcelain-chosen by the patient and dentist- is burned to the zircon frame after the above mentioned process. During this workflow, dental technician sets the done dental works final anatomical shape and its aesthetic features. At the end of the workflow the metal-free dental works are done. They are not different from real teeth. The color, the size, and the shape of it is the same like real teeth. Dental LTD´s employees have many years of experiences in using Zirkonzahn technology, that guarantee the quality of the works. What is more, the pantograph and CAD/CAM system are also help to create excellent dental works.


For further information, please visit your dentist or Dental Ltd.´s dental practices...

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