IMTEC implants made of a new system will work ...

After introducing the IMTEC dental implant works- made in dental laboratory-can be seen...

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Acrylic prosthesis, IMTEC implant system...

The IMTEC dental implant system is a further milestone in the evolution of mini dental implants. It´s also appropriate for patients who can not tolerate the conventional implant surgery, or who can not take the strain of the jaws associated with the implants, more...

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Biotech for prosthesis

 A few advantages:

     - High puller and compressive strength.
     - Low heat loss.
     - It is made in VITA teeth shade.
     - Monomer free.
     - Bio thermoplastic.

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Valplast dentures

 The Valplast plastic material. The public mind "flexible dentures" known. I do not "age", will not break if dropped. Partial removable dentures are made according to the patient´s needs. Clips for attaching the prosthesis is made of Valplast material, so flexible and aesthetic... 

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Acrylic mobile prosthesis

 In our laboratory the following prosthetic works are made: acrylic prosthesis and plastic based Valplast prosthesis...


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Valplast prosthesis

Valplast prosthesis have nice aesthetic effects, which provides sense of security for patients. There are no metal clasps, which means that it is ideal for people who are sensitive to acrylic...

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Combined work, metal plate, PRECI/CEKA, Metal porcelain



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