Biocompatible dental plastics have been used since many years. Due to number of patients, who are sensitive to traditional metal prosthesis, thermoplastics have came into view. (Thermoplastics can be formed by heat.) Owing to wild range of supply and complex technology, thermoplastics have been spreaded worldwide. 

 Dental Ltd. finds important to focus on two types of dental plastics, which are Valplast and Biotech. It is unusual to manufacture them which means that is a challenge for the laboratory. As a result of this, only a few laboratories use these materials. Do not hesitate to offer them to your dentist and to get in contact with our laboratory or the Dental Ltd.´s dental practices....

Valplast prosthesis

 The material of Valplast is plastic. In a common name it is „Flexible Denture”. It´s timeless and break-resistant as well. Mobile dentures are made from Valplast to satisfy the patient´s special requires.*** Created by arpi ***Claps-which are used to fix the prosthesis- are also made from Valplast. Due to this fact, they are flexible and aesthetic. Valplast prosthesis have outstanding optical properties. It is hard to make a difference between Valplast dentures and real dentist. If we want to compare the regular metal prosthesis to Valplast, we can came to the conclusion , that Valplast is more durable, more comfortable and outstanding.It takes more time to make a Valplast prosthesis, that is why patients have to see the dentist repeatedly in order to try on the work. However, the flexibility, the strength and the comfort of the prosthesis can shortly provide confidence and easy wear for the patient. We have to mention that there is one disadvantage of Valplast works. In case of loosening prosthesis, dental technicians can not be able to fix it. This problem can be solved by making a completely new prosthesis.


Biotech prosthesis

*** Created by arpi ***  It is ideal to use it in several fields, that is why Biotech is spreaded. Biotech is also thermoplastic and bioplastic. It is highly recommended for patients, who suffer from metal allergy. Biotech prosthesis are very favorable for dentists and for the laboratory as well, due to regular metal clasps can be replaced. It is also favorable for patients because of its wear-proof and its weight. Furthermore, Biotech prosthesis doesn´t conduct heat. 

 The Dental Ltd. adjust the Biotech prosthesis base plate´s color to patients teeth shade. Teeth sades are defined in VITA sades. The base plate is also defined in Vita shade, as patients require. Owing to this fact, clasps can not be seen.
*** Created by arpi ***



 - Poor heat conductivity.
 - Free from monomers, it is ideal for patients who are sensitive to metal.
 - It resists to PH value changes.
 - It is wear-proof, despite of static and dynamic effects.
 - Invisible clasps do not have erosion effects to pillar teeth.


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